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Hot Trends For School Balls

Hot trends for school balls

Your school might call it the ball or formal, but students tend to call it ‘the single most important date on the Year 12 calendar’.  It’s a night for our young adults to get dressed up and let their hair down.A school ball is such a special occasion and, at Vivid Media, we feel very lucky that we’ve been invited to A LOT of them all around Perth. And we mean A LOT!

So, if you’re in charge of planning your school’s night of nights, here are the trends we like the most for school balls.

Light up dance floors

There’s something really pretty about a dance floor that sparkles. Northern Lights has the Starlight LED dance floor which looks just magical.

LED lights shine from the white dance floor and can twinkle, flash and even chase the best of the music.

Roaming photographers

The advantage of incorporating a roaming photographer into your night is that they’ll capture the students in candid moments. Everything from stepping out of the limo, to dinner and dancing. The end results are stunning and the best roaming photographers won’t even be noticed by the students.

Our favorite is Kerry-Anne De Klerk.

Think about a theme

Not many schools in Perth incorporate a theme into their special nights, so having one at your’s might just help you stand out from the rest. Think simple like Black & White, Hollywood Glamour or Masquerade Ball. You’ll have a brilliant time getting the decorations ready for a themed school ball.

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Mirror Me Photobooth

We speak from experience, A LOT of experience, students L-O-V-E the Mirror Me Photobooth. They love posing with friends in front of the full length mirror and engaging with the prompts and animations. Students can sign the mirror too and use props in their photos. Find out more here.

Mirror Me Booth Perth


The Instacam is another brilliant product for tech-savvy students. It’s has social media capabilities and the ability to print pics onsite. Check it out here.


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