InstaCam Photo Booth – The Newest Hybrid of Photo Booth Technology

The InstaCam Photo Booth is the newest hybrid of photo booth technology and social media that has come to Perth.

This product is great especially if you want to use social media to get more people to your event and drive attention to your business.

Firstly, the InstaCam Photo Booth is created to look like the Instagram logo which most people recognize and are instantly drawn to it.

It uses, user friendly touch screen technology along with Instagram style design filters and collage / overlays to capture a photo at your event.

The best part is that then it can be instantly uploaded to social media and using custom hash-tags shared with hundreds of people, your event instantly becomes prominent, and therefore drives more attention to your business or product.

The other bonus is that all guest can print their photo in the Instagram style to take home with them.

So if you need something new and unique for your next event, something that no one has seen before contact

Instacam Photo Booth


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