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Latest Trends in Photo Booth & Photo Favors

Graffiti Wall
If you are looking for a photo booth for your next event, why not look for something unique and new? The Graffiti Wall from Vivid media will be sure to generate a buzz as the latest photo attraction of your event. The Graffiti Wall is unique, interactive and sends your guest home with a photo party favor.
It works by allowing guest to have their photos taken, then have the chance to customize their photo with digital spray can that spray light instead of paint. At the end their masterpiece is printed as a party favor.
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Graffiti Wall
Graffiti Wall
Graffiti Wall
Graffiti Wall – Teenager Birthday Fun

InstaCam Photo Booth
The InstaCam photo booth provides an event experience like no other. You get the traditional photo Booth experience or a print that looks exactly like an Instagram post that can be customized, with the ability to take photos and print from any smart phone in the room.
Step 1 – Guests Take a photo with Instagram from their Smart Phone or directly at the Kiosk.
Step 2 – Use Custom Hashtag when posting your picture to Instagram.
Step 3 – Photos instantly prints at the Instagram Kiosk.
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Instacam Photo Booth
Instacam Photo Booth

Slomo Booth
The Slomo booth offers an amazing slow motion video and photo service for any event or party including weddings, birthdays or corporate events. Step in front of the booth while the high speed camera records a 4-10 second video. Use all kinds of props like confetti, bubbles and balloons to get hilarious videos. At the end you can also get your favorite slow motion still image as a printed party favor.

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SlowMo Booth - Wedding
Slowmo Booth – Photo Stills from Wedding
Slowmo Booth
Slowmo Booth – Photo Stills




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