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School Fete and Carnival Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with the good old face painter or the balloon animal artist, but if you want to set your fete, school carnival or even kid’s birthday party apart from the rest, take a look at what we can do for you at Vivid Media. We are event hire specialists in Perth.

We have seven carnival games for hire and you can have the lot, for a full day, for only $300. Alternatively, you could rent a single item for $60. It’s completely cost effective and we’ll bring everything to you, set it up, show you how it works (it’s all very easy) and pack away at the end of the day.

We’ve seen first-hand just how popular these games are with kids of all ages (and their parents too) because, last year, we set them all up at our own sons’ school fete. Our Carnival Corner was a hit with plenty of return customers and, because of that, we were able to donate a tidy profit to the school for valuable resources.

In preparation for the day, all we did was rope in some parent volunteers, sourced some prizes (you might like to look online and try to buy in bulk) and then let the fun begin. We charged pocket-money prices (between 50 cents and one dollar) and the kids (and some of the parents) came back time and time again to play.

The games are great for different ages from the kindy kids to the teens and adults and one of the faves at our boys’ school fete was the Shoot ’em Gallery. It’s really simple to get the kids involved with.

The shooting gallery stands approx 1.6 metres high and contestants stand behind a mark on the ground (you can vary the distance based on the age of participants if you like) and try to hit as many targets as possible with the ‘bullets’ from a Nerf gun. You’ll find people get really competitive at this one. It will be friend against friend and child against parent for turn after turn.

Older kids and those competitive parents can step up to the Zombie Strike Shooting Gallery which is a similar target game, but requires more skill and higher accuracy. How cool are our zombie stands by the way?

Our Plinko game is easy for younger participants. It’s a game of chance a bit like the clowns at the Royal Show. Just pop a round disk in a slot at the top and watch it fall. It will bounce all over the place on the way down which is fun to watch. Each slot at the bottom corresponds to a different prize.

Chocolate lovers will return to the Chocolate Toss over and over again. It sounds simple that you just need to lob a coin onto a block of the good stuff, but it’s harder than it looks.

Vivid Media also has a Beat the Buzzer game, Lollipop Tree and giant-sized Connect Four. Check out the full range here.

We also have Perth’s cheapest photo booth hire, so consider having a booth at your event. It will mean your visitors have a cool souvenir to remember their day by. Chances are they’ll also upload the pics to their social media and voila, instant advertising.

Get in touch and let the fun begin.


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