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Ways to Make Your Corporate Event AWESOME!

In a recent blog on Eventbrite Australia’s website, Meegan Jia-Good, a highly-experienced and innovative event professional from Melbourne, highlighted the three main ways to run a successful and memorable event. Her first two suggestions were to ‘identify your audience’ and ‘define your message’.

The third was to ‘DESIGN AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE’ because it’s not just about getting butts on seats these days. It’s also about getting those butts out of seats by creating a fun and interactive environment. That way you leave an impression on your guests and keep them talking about your company long after the event is over.

That’s where Vivid Media can help. We are Perth-based event hire specialists with experience in transforming events into experiences that promote amazement, enjoyment and amusement.

How? Well, we have the best interactive entertainment products and cheap photo booth hire in Perth.

Instacam Social Media Photo Booth

We don’t mean to brag, but Vivid Media is the only company in Perth with this amazing piece of equipment that is an extension on the ever-popular photo booth.

Your guests can take pics on their smart phones or with the booth itself and print them out straight away. The cool thing is they can also upload their photos directly to social media and email.

It’s a wonderful marketing tool for your business and your brand. Create a hashtag so you can track just how many of your clients have shared your name on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Take a look at the fun these Canadians had with a digital graffiti wall . Again, it’s an extension of the standard photo booth and this really cool product will encourage your guests to interact and be as creative as they can.

The first step is for them to stand in front of a huge screen that’s over two meters high and three meters wide to pose for a photo.

Next (and this is the really fun bit) they’re then able to manipulate their pics into unique masterpieces.

With a ‘spray can’ in hand, they can embellish their photos (add mustaches, glasses, big hair and lots of accessories).

They can also change the background and this is where you could incorporate brand. Imagine the marketing possibilities what an awesome souvenir for your attendees to take home.

Mirror Me Photo Booth

Okay, so this one isn’t in Perth just yet. But we’ll have it for you really soon and then you’ll hear plenty more about it. In the meantime, check out its setup and activation here.

If you need help making your new event awesome, contact us today


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