Wow Your Guests with These Event Technology Trends

Wow Your Guests with These Event Technology Trends

These days, our guests are tech savvy, mobile addicted and craving real time experiences, so it’s a real challenge for event organisers to really wow them. To do that, you’ll need to embrace technology. Think live streaming, holograms, digital check-in and ipads for ordering.

Here are some of our favorite ways to engage your audience and create lasting experiences at your next event, meeting or party (whatever the occasion).

Pre-party warm up

It’s important to create a buzz about your event, before the actual event. You might start with a ‘save the date’ teaser campaign followed by a link to a video invite.

Another option is to look at online invitation sites such as (they have an independent designer community); (has tracking and reminders); and (has lots of ideas for kids). There are plenty more sites. Just do a ‘Google’ search.

Customise the set

There are some brilliant tech tools to theme your event. We’re big fans of the time arc photography  which goes well with any sporting events or themes; you can show videos (music clips, movies, corporate vids) with an Airscreen  or use Vivid Media’s slomo photobooth with props (think certain colours, seasonal items – Christmas/New Year/St Pat’s Day – or your brand’s products) .



There are so many ways you can get your guests involved at your event so they feel a real sense of engagement and community.

Want to serve cocktails? How about you teach your guests to make them. Want to have circus entertainers? Get your guests to walk the tightrope. Active participation creates last experiences your guests will want to brag about.

Of course, they’ll need photographic evidence of all that and, at Vivid Media, we have plenty of ways to capture the best photos and improve on the interactive experience. One of the best is the graffiti wall.



That might not be an actual word – but we’re pretty sure you get what we mean. Social media! Social media! Social media!

Your guest will provide free online exposure for your brand when you give them something worth sharing and a way to let them do that easily.

Vivid’s Instacam is a modern twist on a photobooth and your guests can upload their pics to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They can also print them on site.

Another social media trend to watch out for is periscoping. It’s fairly new and videos can be uploaded live from your event. Great for people unable to attend. Have a squiz here.



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